Calin Island

Calin Island is a title sequence for a fictitious film.It is the story of a girl diagnosed with schizophrenia and synesthesia.
She struggles to live on the border between the real and her imaginary world. She prefers to live in the world her mind creates while her family tries to make her come to reality.This title sequence aims to show how the girl would experience this world. We introduce two styles to show the duality of her world. All the things that are animated are the things that she imagines and the photos show where she actually lives. We wanted to show her world through her eyes as a playground full of innocence, adventure and mystery.

I worked with Andrea Garza on this project. We directed the project together, she did the photography and editing and I did the animation and typography.

Winner of the 2012 Salazar Awards in the motion category.
Semifinalist for the 2012 Adobe Achievement Awards in the motion graphics category.